Steel cord conveyor belts are an important conveying device in the mine and port industry. Due to a lack of efficient and reliable inspection technology, over a period of time, supervision of the safety of conveyor belts has been difficult. Longitudinal rips and transverse fractures happen occasionally, posing a great threat to safe production. 


System Profile

Belt Scan™ Intelligent Monitoring System for steel-cored conveyor belts is based on the eddy current method. It's ability to automatically monitor longitudinal rip & transverse fracture online and in real-time sets Belt Scan™ apart from other technologies. At high speed, Belt Scan™ can identify the hidden dangers of: steel core joint displacement, broken rope, and steel core rust, solving the challenges of conveyor belt inspections.


Safety and Efficiency

  1. Operational safety of steel core conveyor belt is under control all the time
  2. Inspection is completed during production.  Processes of production and inspection are synthesized as one, when these are combined, production capacity will be increased greatly.
  3. Start-up energy consumption for conveyor belt inspection is reduced, and energy savings are measurable.
  4. Service life of conveyor belt is prolonged scientifically, and the lifetime cost for the conveyor belt is reduced.
  5. Damage trends of conveyor belt is can be evaluated accurately.

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