Software Function

Additional Information

In combination with (patented invention) unique algorithm of Belt Scan, intelligentmonitoring expert system for Belt Scan steel-cored conveyor belt has strong analysis and operation function based on TCP (transmission control protocol) and UDP (user datagram protocol) dual optimization transmission

mechanism and it utilizes static memory pool management and multi-thread synchronization technology.

1. Online and real-time alarm function of longitudinal tearingfor conveyor belt

2. Qualitative and quantitative inspection of vibration and displacement of steel core in joint area

Belt Scan system can be used for high-speed and real-time identification of joint type and automatic numbering. In comparison with sample data, variation value of vibration and displacement for joint can be automatically analyzed. Number of joint is defined by users on the software making it convenient

for users to compare it with historical maintenance record.

3. Qualitative and quantitative inspection of broken core, corrosion, and other damages in non-joint area

Belt Scan system can be used to conduct accurate qualitative and quantitative inspection for corrosion of inner steel core, brokencore, and

other defects of inner steel core for conveyor belt. Grade should be divided and marks should be made according to preset threshold.

4. Display of panoramic weak magnetic view of conveyor belt

Large capacity memory and dynamic data processing technology are used in Belt Scan system, which can provide panoramic weak magnetic view of steel-cored conveyor belt so as to make users aware of current state of conveyor belt.

5. Over-limit, real-time, and early warning of steel-cored damage for conveyor belt

Belt Scan system has real-time alarm function,which supports push methods of immediate alarm and reserved alarm. Sound-light alarm, which mainly focuses on on-site inspection and master control room, thus users can check inspection report at any time according to alarm. SMS alarm, which mainly focuses on Safety Supervision Department of equipment; Immediate alarm. System will immediately alarm at the time of inspecting defects which exceed threshold of preset warning; Reserved alarm. Appointment time can be set, early warning information can be pushed in grades after analysis and statistics.

6. Printing of inspection report and checking of historical records

Concise and clear inspection report for users is provided in Belt Scan system. Checking of historical records is provided in Belt Scan system, which provides convenient conditions for users to know historical evolution process of inner defects for conveyor at any time and to conduct current status trend analysis for safety performance of conveyor belt.

7. Remote debugging and after-sales service function

Belt Scan system can be connected with LAN / public network platform and remote service takeover function can be embedded in Belt Scan system so as to easily realize remote debugging, software upgrade, failure diagnosis, online debugging, maintenance, and other after-sales service functions.