System Layout

System Composition

Programming Device of Magnetic Memory


  • Inner fixed Nd-Fe-B configuration load module, passive constant magnetism, intrinsically safe design
  • Wide-spacing, no-contact, and high-speed magnetization and zero emission, and zero energy consumption
  • Self-adaptive and all-weather operation and no daily maintenance 

Longitudinal Tear Monitoring Device


  • Longitudinal tear monitoring and high sensitivity response
  • 24X365 online and real-time high-speed automatic monitoring
  • Adaption to various complicated conditions and no daily maintenance

Transverse Broken Belt Detection Device


  • Spatial response combination array of built-in transverse plus vertical weak magnetic sensor
  • Modular combination open structure with simple installation
  • Wide-spacing, no-contact, and high-speed non-destructive test
  • Online installation, remote intelligent operation mode, and no daily maintenance

Distance Measuring Device


  • High-precision photoelectric encoder
  • High measuring precision, High signal stability
  • No maintenance

Intelligent Data Acquisition Conversion Workstation


  • Bi-directionally automatic interaction mode of multi-channel information
  • Upgradable modular combination configuration
  • Shielded information receiving and forwarding and anti-noise interference protection design
  • Embedded danger warning procedure

Multi-Channel Master Terminal


  • DDY-6 Warning: Green Light: Safe; Yellow Light:  Hidden Danger  Alarm; Red Light: Stop Running
  • Light alarm and remote report of mobile text message (Optional)

Technical Parameters

  1. Principle of Operation:  Eddy current 
  2. Width of Belt:  From 600 to 3000 mm 
  3. Thickness of Belt:  From 10 to 50 mm 
  4. Inspection Speed:  Up to 7 m/s 
  5. Number of Steel Cords in the Belt:  From 50 to 200 
  6. Diameter of Steel Cords:  From 3 to 15 mm 
  7. Weight of the Scanner:  From 10 to 32 kg (depends on width) 
  8. Weight of the Basic Unit:  0,7 kg 
  9. Ambient Temperature:  From -30 to +50°C 
  10. Ingress Protection of the Scanner:  IP54 
  11. Ingress Protection of the Basic Unit:  IP65 
  12. Explosion Proof Version:  Yes